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MOD POST. [16 Aug 2006|07:08pm]

[ mood | creative ]

photo_this_life has had a face lift:

+New Header Image
+New Layout
+Community Info Updated

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Leave a comment. ;)

Photo This Life

First Pic Post [10 Aug 2006|06:02pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

As promised, here are four pictures by moi. These were taken on May 25, 2006. Plese comment and let me know what you think of them.

I love New YorkCollapse )

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Mod Post [10 Aug 2006|05:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

What's up with this community!? No one's really posting anything. Well since I'm
one of the maintainers.. I guess I'll set an example and post up some pictures later.

By the way, I made the community an Icon.. I hope you like it.

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